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Tokyo walks by mirena

Tokyo walks. Music - ( Public Domain recording ) Ride of the Valkyries performed by The University of Chicago Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Barbara Schubert:  archive.org/details/uso-2004-10-31


I created Tokyo walks for my some kind of street series, for the some kind of project. Tokyo and Japan in general have never been a tourist destination but rather an obsession I have had to pursue. It is only appropriate that I picked the Ride of the Valkyries for this piece as my experiences during my solo trip to  Tokyo and Kyoto were pure ecstasy and until this day I cannot unravel this feeling into anything that makes sense, on any rational level. I simply have the hots for Japan.

Every cake I ate, every fist of rice, every foot I planted on the pavement felt emotionally charged and even today I feel as much charged about my experiences as I was the moment I dropped into Narita airport.

The note in my diary reads:

My plane ride to Tokyo was a bit like a train ride on a train with square wheels. I was flying from nearby Korea and despite the fact that the ride was fairly short - I was crazily afraid of flying, I still am afraid of flying and every flight I take is a rigorous test of my character.

Yet, the most exciting parts of my life have and are starting with a plane ride. After the rocky introduction to Japan I entered into an immigration procedure in a room with a sign that read:


Since I was fairly amused I wasn't feeling bad anymore, neither too aged or pregnant, and proceeded without trying the Priority lane, into what I eagerly awaited to get into - Japan.


A dreamlike drawing produced in a dreamlike manner. by mirena

Dreams, 31 x 32 inches, dip pen and ink on hot pressed board

The purpose of this drawing was to implement a new language and the way it worked was that it developed into a language as it went. Never knew what a particular detail would look like until the very moment it was done. It was like a play with no script where I was the only audience.

Tiny changes happened along the way, and the world of the drawing changed incrementally.

By the time the drawing was fished - it had evolved into a dream tapestry that would draw you in just like a rabbit hole.

More on the happening of works here: http://mirenarhee.com/mirena-rhee-video.html

Winter wearable artwork by mirena

Winter is a wearable artwork based on a frame form Winter Diagrams: December,  animated pen and ink drawings. This whole struggle with paintings that look like dresses comes from a single well - I have  always pushed the third dimension in my drawings and this comes directly from being a 3d artist for so long.  My brain has been completely rewired to think three-dimensionally.  I can't imagine a satisfactory flat plane and there is this anxiety to twist it in another direction.

The thirst for dimension pushed me to animate the drawings, and, in turn, to take the animated drawings in yet another dimension with the wearable work. The wearability comes from sensory seeking, craving tactile things, feeling the work with the whole body, literally occupying the work.

Winter wearable artwork by Mirena Rhee

New Installations and Performance Art site - XquisiteCorpse.org by mirena

Mirena Rhee's  Xquisite Corpse Act Two - Installation and Performance Art Xquisite Corpse is an ongoing project, a series of Installations and Performance Art pieces with open public participation. I began Xquisite Corpse in 2010  as a continuation to a series of earlier works I created with a  group of artists called Absurdas.

The Xquisite Corpse work is about the body, the body as a landscape, and whatever surrounds the body, also as a landscape.

Xquisite Corpse doesn't have an audience or a script, no money change hands, no models, no artists, no plan of what is going to happen, because anyone that stepped into the work played their own script, became the artists, the models, the canvas, the audience of their own painting.


Mirena Rhee's Xquisite Corpse Act Two - Installation and Performance Art

Mirena Rhee's Xquisite Corpse Act Two - Installation and Performance Art

Mirena Rhee's Xquisite Corpse Act Two - Installation and Performance Art

Mirena Rhee's  Xquisite Corpse Act Two - Installation and Performance Art - The Runway

Mirena Rhee's Xquisite Corpse Act Two - Installation and Perfromance Art. The Morning After.

Happy Thanksgiving by mirena

Wish everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving. Europe is cold and feels even colder after I spent considerable amount of time in Florida and California over the last couple of years. But as in New York, cold always stimulates the mind as there is no urge to be outside and move about.

Here are two pieces I did over Thanksgiving three years ago. For the first one I used the back of a  Nordstrom catalog I got in the mail:


i have everything - i piece on the back of a Nordstrom catalog


Another piece with a Thanksgiving theme is called I have everything. It is a digital collage over a photograph of me wearing a paper dress .The other strong theme here is Occupy and the effect the movement had on me and the way I viewed New York city. I have everything was completed shortly after NYPD cleared Zuccotti Park.


I have everything digital collage


The paper dress I am wearing is a 30 x 40 inches mixed media piece. I painted over a  Giclee print of my Lucasfilm W2 and scraps of paper collage:


30x40 inches printed photograph I turned into a paper dress

You can listen to the voice piece about I have everything here:

Thank you for coming! by mirena

It was great to see you at my Bushwick Show - Invented Mythologies !  And Thank you for braving the heat in Bushwick, some of you coming from upstate or Manhattan, which is just as far:) I got a fresh point of view and heard your comments about the work and your honest opinions. I was amazed at the insights some of you had about what you thought was a successful piece and what you thought was the best part of a successful piece. And what you thought didn't work. Artists sometimes like to say they do the work for themselves. The truth is we are part of a soup, physiologically and cognitively, we constantly shed cells and replenish with new ones, we are constantly engaged in the world mentally.. so unless we a are a Robinson Crusoe - we are an amalgamation, and so is our work.. to some degree.