Winter Diagrams: December, still
Winter Diagrams: December, still
Winter Diagrams: December, still

Winter Diagrams: December - Animated pen and ink drawings digital video, Edition of 12, dimensions variable, 2012. Music by marcus fischer /

These series of animations are the digital equivalent of my Red diary. It is a non-linear diary - I sometimes write notes on past entries and cross-reference ideas. Usually written in both English and Bulgarian, sometimes a sentence starts in English and ends in Bulgarian, sometimes I write English words in Cyrillic; sometimes I write Bulgarian words using the English alphabet.

In these animations I use my latest drawings and paintings and they, instead of Bulgarian and English, become a new procedural language. I use a single drawing to create a visual Morse code and a procedural script to animate and draw each frame. The Brooklyn machine series carry the mood and the sense of place and space I currently occupy - Brooklyn, New York.

No digital manipulations for the drawings have been used - I scan them into the computer and procedurally animate them. The hands are pen and ink drawings on hot pressed board, a very smooth velvety surface produced by an American paper company. The red background is a Crimson Red Intaglio ink monotype on Fabriano papers
( an Italian paper praised since the Renaissance ).

For these compositions I was inspired by Marcus Fischer's amazing album mip~map/for friends this winter.. and my friends as well.

Painted and animated by Mirena Rhee. Music by marcus fischer /

Winter Diagrams: December, animated pen and ink drawings