XQUISITE SHODO! XQUISITE CORPSE invaded Central park for an impromptu large scale painting and installation / by mirena

XQUISITE SHODO ! Big Brushes and hula hoop-la collaborative painting in Central Park. xquisitecorpse.org

XQUISITE SHODO ! turns into XQUISITE Kimono.. from mirena rhee on Vimeo.

XQUISITE CORPSE showed up in Central Park on Easter Sunday.. to color some grass. We decided to do XQUISITE the day before and next day we setup the XQUISITE SHODO which turned into a true collaborative effort in the spirit of XQUISITE CORPSE.

As time went on and with input from passers by ( Thank you, Harriet from London! ) the true colors of XQUISITE SHODO painting showed up and it turned into an XQUISITE Kimono!

Music - taiko drumming!

Thank you, grass, for growing.