Roadside Attraction - The Art Truck

Have you ever had a chance to experience a Taco Truck? Some people swear by it. But it is the kind of product that instead comes to you. And so will be the Art Truck.

Couple of years ago I did a 3000 miles solo drive across the American South. I drove I-10 through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and took frequent stops along the highway, at rest areas and truck stops. I have always been fascinated with American trucking and roads. The most colorful thing to look at on the road were nicely decorated large trucks.

The first in a series of Roadside Attractions will be the Art Truck. Imagine a traveling circus where the audience is the performer. A large colorful truck stops, a large canvas unfolds, out come trampolines and brushes and all kind of wonderful things.


I will rent a 24 foot moving truck, package it in primed canvas and park it at rest areas and parking lots along the i-95 highway. I will have acrylic and sign paints (all water-based paint ) available as well as brushes on sticks and ask the audience to paint on the truck. Canvas will be hung alongside cargo area of the truck (see diagrams) using fishing line. Truck will be protected with plastic drop cloth underneath canvas. The intent of the piece is to ultimately collaboratively produce a 56 feet long painting.

The Art Truck is special in that it was originally inspired by the American trucking culture I have long been fascinated with. I meant it as a country version of an art installation, where a large truck makes frequent stops along highways – at truck stops and rest areas, and out of the cargo hold come art materials. Primed canvas is stretched over the truck and then a quick and impromptu painting happens with people that happen to be there.

This is also the mini version as I'd like to go with a 24 ft truck. Looks like a 24 ft one could easily be rented one way between Florida and New York.