Hands Tesseract - Hands Sails by Mirena Rhee

The tesseract when photographed from the top looks like a strange cubed sail boat, with the sails hanging from the ceiling and heavy with.. hands.

Hands Tesseract demolition and a little name day note by Mirena Rhee

Demolition pictures of the Hands Tesseract. The Hands Tesseract 3D painting and installation happened almost by accident, I had suffered terrible insomnia in New York so I wasn't sleeping for a month and the Tesseract happened almost in a dream state. The Tesseract stayed up only for two days and had to be demolished.

July 17 was my name day and I'm grateful that I wasn't demolished just like my Tesseract.

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Hands Tesseract sketches by Mirena Rhee

Hands Tesseract sketches - aka Hands Landscapes

Hands Tesseract by Mirena Rhee

3d painting and installation, aka Hands Room.
10 x 10 x 15 feet, mixed media installation, 2019
room size installation, a part of the Giant Hands series of installations

Constructed over three days and painted over two nights.

below - seen … with my phone

Top view