Memory Replacement The Armory Show

Memory Replacement The Armory Show was a success. We had our memory replaced. Over 200 art lovers from all walks of life painted. Check out the brilliant photographs by Kenneth James. We had a fun time being escorted out of the Armory by security but it was all for the better, because we all had a blast.

Above is the concept sketch for Memory Replacement The Armory Show. Below is the beginning of my performance and I called the photograph "Alone in the wilderness". This is more tongue in cheek as no one is ever alone in New York city when personal space is concerned. These series of performances create a painting bubble in an otherwise transient public spaces where people from all walks of life and ages can momentarily share their personal space with others, with the materials and techniques traditionally reserved for the artist and the studio. Memory Replacement is about New York, the people of New York and its creative energy that has no match anywhere else in the world.