how to fix it in 10 easy steps. And number one is... / by mirena

I have identified 10 easy steps that we, together, can fix this country. And number one is...

1. We get rid of all couches, better yet - throw them out together with all televisions. What's with the couch you say, poor thing hasn't done a thing against this nation.

Living Room Transformers – The Couch

The thing with the couch is easy - every second we spend on the couch we are not spending chasing our dreams. Or biking our neighborhood or talking to our neighbors or making extra cash for the trip around the world we have been dreaming of.

The dynasties of the world love the couch because when we are chained to it we are easily seduced to live vicariously through other people's triumphs.  They setup various circuses like politics, olympics and reality shows and thus inject us with the emotions and experiences of people we have never met.

The added bonus of selling the couch is now we can do cartwheels in the living room and probably wholelotta more fun stuff without fearing falling off the lumpy..