On Louise Bourgeois / by mirena

Today is a very sad day ( I am writing in the early hours of the next day but for me today hasn't passed yet ) - Louise Bourgeois passed away in her home in Manhattan, I was just telling a friend of mine last night that I finally had her number and wanted to call and visit her. And today was also the last day of Marina Abramovich's show at the Moma, where I practically moved in the last few days. It was my dream to talk to Louise since she adressed a number of issues I have always struggled with, and not just struggled I would say blackly terrified. Pain, fear, frustration and suffering, power, red. So often i am overwhelmed by anxiety and fear, I am terrified of power and pain, I could not casually look at violence or watch tv and switch between real and staged sufferings with a button. I learned from Louise how to use the color red, how to "give meaning and shape to pain".

An artist practices vulnarability and that's part of the trade, an artist often crosses to the other side and claws into the subconscious and that is a gift. Louise once said: "I have been to Hell and back and let me tell you it was wonderful."