I was chosen for ArtSpan's Selections 2010 / by mirena

Selections 2010, ArtSpan's prestigious biennial juried exhibition will feature 20 SF Open Studios artists at California Modern Gallery, 1035 Market Street, in January. Selections 2010 will be juried by artist Ray Beldner, author and arts writer Alison Bing, and director of California Modern Gallery Inga Fischer. Exhibition Opening Reception: Thursday, January 14, 2010 (free and open to the public). Exhibition Dates: January 7 - 22, 2010. It's still very interesting to me.. when I draw and when I go around taking photographs, my body and my energy are at very different levels, I feel as if I jump to and from quantum-like states going from one activity to the other. Drawing is very still and I feel perfect calm and I understand all, and everything in the universe makes sense. When I go out with my camera it's constant excitement and fascination, as if i see things for the very first time. I marvel at very tiny details or at very big details, and I try to understand the world and steal pieces of it via the lenses.