EMINENT DOMAIN Exhibition - organized by Scotto Mycklebust / by mirena

An epic eminent art party and exhibition Scotto Mycklebust threw at 524 West 26th in New York. The work I liked was by a Pakistani artist - painting on carpets and performance with a shroud made of bullet casings. The work is about the particular types of violence we practice in the US which is school shootings and other targeted decimations like the Orlando massacre. In Pakistan, violence is what they refer to as "honor killings".

Violence is very popular and practiced widely in the world today, although on a very human level we  all agreed it is completely senseless. Violence, although completely absurd, is very popular today for three reasons:

  1. it is very profitable and
  2. allows for complete control of another human being or an entire state
  3. it is easy

Because you do not need hard work or study, or the labors of love, because love is difficult. Violence and guns, on the other hand, are cheap and easy.  All you have to do is wave a gun and you are instantly in control of another human being and their entire world. No need for labor, no need of any sort of skill - these days in the US even toddlers kill people, inadvertently.

Practicing non violence is very difficult, labor and love intensive, and deadly.

Just look at the lives or Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, both bringing dramatic changes to the world. Because killing is easy and non-violence very difficult because requires talking, love, sharing - all the hard things.