Think for yourself first - my "i am always writing" book, and this is number one rule in it / by mirena

We are back to relying to the opinions of all kinds of royalty, media royalty, political royalty, opinion royalty, kitchen royalty, banking royalty. We forgot that it took storming the Bastille to establish the equality of the common man and this is what this country is based upon. The sweat and the thought of the common man. in fact the most important thing and rule number one is - think for yourself first. The gift of the enlightenment combined with our 21st century ability to access all information instantaneously… always depend on yourself to think, learn to develop your judgement with historical or any other perspective you choose.

You are the utmost authority, chances are the learned have as many chances to get it right as any of us.

Self-reliance updated for the 21st century.

Having recently become overly reliant on images and words from long times past, on this glorious July morning occasion I wanted to mention that the most important words and thoughts you will ever read and have are your own. No one else is more important or wiser than what you got inside. That’s why we were given this faculty – and this is why the thoughts of “sages and bards” are only second to the bard inside.