Ingredients of a Subway Car - The R. The never before seen videos of my solo show. / by mirena

Inspired by the NYC subway, where various characters perform various routines, from simple getting from point A to point B - to the theater of the Absurd. There are all kind of objects, and hands. A performance I created over four hours, without a script and working spontaneously with various objects, including paint, ink, food and found objects: 1. Strings 2. Brushes and paint 3. Old singing clock 4. Apple peels ( I love apples, usually consume a tall bag of it daily ) 5. Spinach 6. Juice 7. Juicer 8. Toy Cars 9. Ball 10. Coins 11. Wood shavings 12. Walmart Flipflops 13. Staple gun 14. Belt 15. Umbrella and many other objects

The installation room and wearables were created over several days using a drawing of the same name, re-arranged and transferred on paper.