Winter: : from the Journal of Henry D. Thoreau / by mirena

One of my favorite philosophers, Henry D. Thoreau, is on the internet archive. The beauty of today is that now you can have the wisdom of the world at the palm of your hand. One of the first books I read in English was Walden. A phenomenally deep and sincere look at the self, at the material world. It was the first time ever that I encountered someone that had similar outlook on the world and especially the material world. The material world is very enticing and it is very easy to get lost in the daily choreographies of life, and to loose perspective at what it means to be be alive. Thoreau investigates life directly and without fear, because it is really fear that keeps us attached to material things. I am really uninterested in the material world, inasmuch as it is represented by handbags, furniture, cars, food. I like to spend my time investigating ideas, phenomena, philosophy and asking questions. I also like to spend my time creating and investigating new ideas and new ways to experience and create work.