Happy Holidays from Michelangelo! To be a creator is the greatest power in the world, so don't be worried about anything else. / by mirena

  Michelangelo drawing from the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

A once in a lifetime exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York. It is the Met's gift for us for the Holidays.

There is no greater power in the world than that of being a creator. When you are a creator you are in control. Everything else is an agenda fed by someone else.

We are constantly told by media, papers, whatever visual and auditory space available, that we should be eating, drinking, remodeling kitchens, buying and saving money, I think that one last thing has in such a great way deformed our consciousness that there is this anxiety that we have to be constantly on the intake. We walk around with this anxiety for the next intake, I am astonished by the amount of time and energy spent in this city on discussing, cataloging and planning past and future meals, and the acquisition of objects.

Yet, there in the dim light of the Met were these really faint ( by modern standards ) marks on paper that produced in me such great pleasure to observe and contemplate them, and I bet in others too, judging by the crowds. Really, nothing of substance at first glance, certainly nothing to be chewed on. Just marks going here and there, up and down and in circles. these markings, however faint, produced great emotions and appreciation. Pretty wondrous effect given that the author has not been around for the last 500 years and hardly ever comes up in conversations and on television.

The greatest power in the world is the power to create, we have hardly control over the first 20 years of our lives, we are placed and educated somewhat unwillingly and the only thing we can truly will is something of our own, something no one has ever produced before us and no one ever will after.

Michelangelo at the Met

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