What My Mac Reads to Me - plus INGREDIENTS OF A SUBWAY CAR installation / by mirena

INGREDIENTS OF A SUBWAY CAR is a series of drawings, installations, simulations with Unity 3D using the pen and ink drawings, animations, and of course photographs i took of the subway which strangely have nothing to do with my vision for the world i am creating. The nyc subway has always provided great comfort and stories and I find it more interesting than any stage production. It has always provided endless fascination for me and filled my imagination.  



I have discovered that just like any good pet macs have special hidden talents to please their owners - right click any text in you OS X and add to iTunes as a Spoken Track - choose the default Alex voice, it is pretty good - and voila - now your mac can read to you any text, book, website.


I frequently add whole books and make instant audiobooks to entertain myself while I work. In the past artists used to have musicians and clowns entertain them in the studio, I have my mac read to me.


Here is the folder on dropbox -i'll be dropping stuff in here once in a while:



Here is

Disneyworld Company essay by

Jean Baudrillard



Here is the article online:



The perspective of others is about the perceived reality of others and I am really not fond of news as i much rather listen to smart people pondering odd stuff, it really makes using my organs of hearing all the more worthwhile.