strange days / by mirena

  There is a word that we really like.. it is the word strange and weird. We apply this word to a variety of things. At the same time we occupy our little caves and in these caves we store things. We accumulate useful items and carefully crate them in the corner of our cave. To make space for more things we carefully arrange the things we already have.

Weirdly enough we miss the obvious fact that we are on top of a round sphere hurling through space.

Weirdly enough the question we usually preoccupy ourselves with is - did we ever store enough in our caves? We never seem to be satisfied with the amounts accumulated and always come out to look for more and store more.

The bigger the pile of things the happier we usually are.

It seems to me that, weirdly enough, our religions have been an attempt by perhaps an enlightened source to tell us that, ahem, we shouldn’t really busy ourselves that much with the stuff in the caves. We should perhaps look into building qualities in ourselves that will allow us to work better together and develop for a world beyond that round ball.

Image that it took several billion years of evolution to create ambitious and talented creatures so they can gather things in caves. I doubt that was our purpose, we are incredible problem solvers and abstract thinkers. We now communicate with each other via space. A signal goes up and then down, we managed in a short amount of time to do that.

It is weird that we like our caves with all the stuff in them. That we rarely look into the sky wishing to be there or to do something about it. I look around and i see piles of things, many not even digestible. What is even more weird, between digesting or accumulating more piles, we manage to sneak in a destruction or two. And this happens on a mass scale and is done by seemingly decent people.

Oh, well, well obviously without carefully scheduled destruction  we'd soon run out of space wouldn't we? That's why we like to put nice people in charge to encourage both gathering and destruction at the same time. It is a win win situation.


I often have a hard time distinguishing between all the weirds, between the commonplace weird and the really off weird. The fact is the true reality of our situation perched on top of a round ball is more weird than any other actual weird I can come up with.