Drawing and Painting / by mirena

Working on Automatic Red - Acrylic and Oil on canvas.

the story of the red i have been looking for is a long one - I once set out to find a perfect red and experimented in various reds. the red i liked turned out to be a never drying printers ink red. Six months out it was still wet to the touch. So i ended up photographing the resulting test and making an animation ( Winter Diagrams ) with it. later, after the fact, i found a corresponding fabric red in a store in the garment district in Manhattan, on 38th street. They had the most amazing collection of textiles in an enormous warehouse. i remember getting a roll of this beautiful red silk like fabric and hauling it back to Chelsea. And after came the acrylic paint i found.. a winsor and newton. and after that came vermillion and some cadmiums in oil. It's kinda the reverse of what you'd expect but these are the best kind of stories.