JFK Moon Speech & Elon Mars Plans and the House grills SpaceX / by mirena

You know i like the fact i am not a monkey but a part of space faring species. I really like people and things with balls. What i think makes us not monkey is the fact that monkeys just chill and chew which is probably enough even for some people.. but i like to think we can do better, and we do in fact make the world better, we are creators.

This is so crazy and Elon goes so matter of factly about it - it is awesome!

And finally - the U.S. House Armed Services Committee grills SpaceX - it is gold!

If they use the word "certification" one more time - I'll throw my mac at this tree down in the garden. Also, when people say "ho-when" as opposed to "when" - the person is from Ohio, guaranteed.

I used to work for the Army and DoD - and things are usually slow in the Army but then i applied for a job to work as an artist on a base in Alabama, a Colonel called me and said i have to do an art test. And I said okay - sure. He said you have 48 hours starting now and hung up. There went my Army career.

Elon Musk’s Space Dream: