What is the matter with art / by mirena

What is art - why is it people pay so much for some of it, seek it out and adore it.. although it is not at all necessary, not very useful and often very strange. What made Victor Hugo write in the Les Misérables — 'The beautiful is as useful as the useful...Perhaps more so.' Van Gogh Bedroom in Arles


Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Country Footpath in the Summer - painting I photographed at the Musée d'Orsay


People have asked me if art is just marketing? And i don't know. I know that i have spent so much time in and around paintings and maybe lots of my own particles are physically art. All i know is that within the frame of a painting - there is nothing but a beautiful dream, there's no money, no politics, no conflicts, no guns, no meat or diamonds, no worries about gold and jewelry, possessions, bodies flow in and out, adorned or not, simple chairs are beautiful, carpets and faces are beautiful, the world is mysterious and extends far in the distance into the mists and fogs of paint. It is a delightful place, the world of a painting.

Here is a poem i wrote:

What is in a Picasso print, what transpires in a B.C. marble, what is in a Vatican fresco and a Dying Slave? What's the Black in a black Goya painting, what's eating us in a Bosch, where is the De Kooning woman going on her bicycle, which anonymous artist painted the thousand hands of this Shiva? Why does Monet shimmer, why is that man with an apple for a face, how many birds do you see in an Escher, why is the triangle of light in Rembrandt so mysterious? Where is the light in a Vermeer coming from, why are there 500 species of flowers in a Botticelli, why am I going around in circles trying to find out where the wind is coming from that is blowing these cypresses, and why is mouth and flesh in a Bacon so maddeningly beautiful? Why is art so beautiful?