Jupiter Down Under / by mirena

Everything I ever dreamed of as a kid, all the Isaac Asimov novels with all the wonders of the universe in them. We need to know how great it feels to be explorers - because it feels so much better than setting up wars isn't it. I dream of a time in the future when even the gloomiest schmuck of a politician will get up in the morning and the first thought in their brain would be something good, something grand and something far away.

All our dreams are becoming a reality, today in our solar system but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I'd imagine once a new propulsion is invented we'll be hopping planets the way we do continents today. All the new dreams will, by necessity, replace the old needs for greed, violence and war.

Remember when Asimov talked about silly machines that answer questions in every home. I have a weird dream where overnight all purses become little models of space ships, all Ikea stores wake up as independence day like huge alien crafts just awoken from slumber - when they start rising and shaking - all kinds of particle board furniture starts falling off into big heaps... and humanity wakes up to a future without a need for furniture.

.. Jupiter Down Under

Jupiter’s North Pole Unlike Anything Encountered in Solar System:


Jupiter Down Under: