Today - London and NYC humans in public service / by mirena

Ever since Brexit I was determined to get to the bottom of it and have been calling American friends working in the UK as well as in Europe to find out a bit more about it. To me the responsibility for a nation's attitude falls on the individual. If you think there's a person worth a palace with 1000 rooms and there are others not worthy of it on account of being born here and there.. i have a problem with this. Same thing with NYC politics. You can choose to worry about your organs any way you want.. especially in NYC with around 70 bars within a mile radius.. a determined person could practically swim in bodies all day long on a daily basis. It is no big deal. But i don't know why newspapers need to worry about people's organs, i don't know why this person just doesn't get what he wants and the newspapers need to circulate pictures of his child. .. We are given one shot at 100 years to be fully aware in a soup of atoms and molecules. We are clouds of possibilities, we are free to use our clouds any way we want save for harming others.

I am off to Mars.


p.s. actually, always have been a martian ..  just going home.