Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains / by mirena

We can, though, try to get out using our intelligence. I am not saying our minds because every animal has a mind, and every animal uses their mind to go after food and reproduction. We can use our intelligence to grow faculties that will help us overcome our DNA limitations. Imagine that everywhere we go we put up fences - we get home and our first reaction is to lock up, we build a house and put a fence, we build a nation and put up a wall, ironically not to keep beasts out.

We build nice cities like New York, we build nice avenues with beautiful shops alongside to keep crystalline structures like diamonds and gold safe from the elements while homeless people look in from the gutters.

We tell grown adults how to conduct their love lives, we are ashamed of merely showing penises and vaginas on public television while it is hard to turn on any device without running into a celebration of violence, real and imaginary.

We sit around stuffing ourselves for hours on end with food and drink when a fifth will do, we slaughter animals indiscriminately but adore pet stores and strut ourselves with creatures on  leashes.  We enjoy ice cream cones in front of animals in cages.

We can do better here, much better.. this is why we print books so we don't forget that people already thought of all this in the past. Now that the vast majority is in the public domain - it is easier than ever to think -