My favorite thing to do is to daydream / by mirena

One of the most important faculties we humans have at our disposal is our ability to generate ideas, to think and dream up things. In my work i do use my ideas and my dreams and use my knowledge of old masters and the history of art, as well as my experience in artistic process from the Silicon Valley, to give the work depth and then shape.

I think ideas and ideals are our most important asset. I personally promise to hang onto every idea and whim that crosses my mind. To indulge in frivolous speculation and to use words from different languages in one sentence. I am interested in answers not much contrived, genuine things and fools persistent in their folly.

Teachers are important and Sadhguru is one of my current teachers. I am not a buddhist of any kind, not into the guru scene or into purchasing bliss in the form of programs and seminars. But I like to keep an open mind and to look for other people's insights and judge whether they may be helpful in my life. Every person is ultimately the teacher of the their own self.. and the only agent of life that matters. I am the only person I'd trust with insights into my own life, my wellbeing and my life path. This has often created rifts and caused aggravation in my relationships with other people.

But even for the most reckless things I have done in my life I had the utmost self-belief that I was on the right path... even when i sold and gave away all my possessions, gave up my 6 figure job and beautiful apartment.. and moved to a small room in New York. The drama this created around me and within the circle of people that were closest to me.. was much bigger than all the discomfort and inconveniences I may have experienced.

At one point my feeling was that all the possessions and items in my closets were becoming a huge burden, all the fancy dresses, various items in my cupboards, all the travel... they all wanted a piece of me or my time. time that I could have used to ponder over or create things.