Unfinished paintings by great artists at the Met Breuer - for an artist it is a revelation. / by mirena

Unfinished show at the Met - favorite unfinished piece so far is a Van Gogh, painted just before he died, it is the ultimate interruption in an artist's work.

Zoom into a Leonardo.

Jan van Eyck


I thought the show was magnificent and made me weak in the knees, thanks to Ian Mack for letting me know so I hurried to see it.

I'd pick two rooms, one with a Van Gogh, another with Michelangelo, Leonardo and Van Eyck.

Can't imagine anything better than being in a room together with Michelangelo, Leonardo and Durer, with a Van Gogh across the hall.

After several centuries crowds gather enthralled by little pieces of cloth and wood with scribbles on them. The two Leonardos are the size of a letter. Such is the power of art.

There are no chests filled with gold and emeralds, no food, apparently no one is naked, no clowns juggle in the halls, but everyone is quietly in a trance in front of these great albeit unfinished works. Such is the power of art.

There's also Rubens, El Greco, Rembrandt, Titian. The titans of paint in all their unfinished glory. It happily confirms my convictions in the power of art to wiggle out of centuries and entertain fresh crowds.

I went to the source museum for the Van Gogh's piece and turned out it is a museum in Finland which has the painting.  Naturally they had a very high resolution photograph of it online for your viewing pleasure here:


. Van Gogh painting unfinished - at the Met unfinished show