A second edition of my Japanese Gardens book, entirely re-written with small poems by me / by mirena

Japanese Gardens: A Journey Into Zen Kindle Edition

Photographs and Small Poems by Mirena Rhee.

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Japanese Gardens, A Journey into Zen, book by Mirena Rhee


Here is a poem I wrote on the occasion of this second edition :


Tranquil world of rocks, sand, trees, shrubs and moss. Little streams water the grounds. The colors are earthy and bright, no gusty winds dishevel the patterns. The wooden floors are swept clean. The mats lie still.

Landscape with peaceful shapes. It makes nice thoughts and asks deep questions. A design with no intent or angle. Whatever you bring you can take back. We don’t know who made it that way.

You can come back many times and find it just the same. Trees bend this way or that. Twigs flow here or there. Ponds flicker. Rocks ripple the sand a little.