Piano improv on Twitch - Bernie is currently playing in front of a Madison Square Garden size audience. 20, 000 and growing. It is mad and absolutely amazing / by mirena

Piano Improv on Twitch in front of 18,200 people The Favorites:




I recently saw the excellent Danny Boyle movie Steve Jobs and in the movie Jobs predicted that the computer is going to be like a bicycle for the mind. Joseph Campbell said that everyone is a hero at birth.  And here I am in front of my treasured Mac, enjoying the work of a musical hero in front of his piano, related to me via his computer. The audience is currently at 20, 000, larger than Madison Square Garden. What an awesome time to be alive.

( just found out he had 65, 000 simultaneous viewers yesterday, so yeah )

Star Wars - Cantina - http://www.twitch.tv/pianoimproman/v/37799456?t=05h38m35s

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