A look Inside The World Of Chinese ‘Copy-Culture’ – Chinese artists make Van Gogh copies for a Dutch Bank. Every new client gets a Van Gogh painting, says the dealer. / by mirena

And here is my stance on the matter – if they can copy Van Gogh – more power to them.  Copyright doesn’t have a place in art as all art is derivative. Picasso ripped aboriginal art, Van Gogh was inspired by Japanese woodcuts. The only takeaway here is that art carries power and presence. It only takes a corner of a sunflower to know it is Van Gogh, it takes an eye and a bit of nose to tell a Picasso, and it takes the corner of a Millennium Falcon to know it’s Star Wars. It is the strength of the artist’s ideas that overcomes us. And if there’s a place in China somewhere that makes good Van Goghs – the world is only better for it to be honest. A link directly to the Van Gogh’s copies in the timeline – I think they are pretty good:


Enjoy in its entirety: