Grandpa passed away 29 years ago today, he was a painter, a businessman, a family man who kept extended family together / by mirena

grandpa-intarsia Fortress that inspired the Intarsia - Tsarevets

My grandparents' house was always full of guests - friends, relatives, immediate and extended family were always welcomed, fed and entertained.

My grandmother was a perfect hostess and homemaker and baked the most delicious desserts from a leafy book of secret recipes.



Here is my grandfather sporting a mustache, to the right of the little girl who is actually my aunt whom he had to take care of but couldn't find a babysitter so she ended up at the party - Union Club, Sofia 1938.

A couple of grandpa's paintings always travel with me.  Usually they are proudly displayed and occasionally hide behind clutter when  I work on the walls. Here are some pics of his Intarsia work - in my studio. Sorry grandpa, unlike you I get sloppy and not always properly hang them.