there is a huge difference between fighting for an idea and fighting for a nickel / by mirena

Youtube cant' tell the difference but I can. I had been listening to "The Power of Myth" on my phone and when an excerpt from Martin Luther King's famous speech came on I went to youtube to look for a longer version.

Here is the most famous bit:

After the video ended I let youtube go on autopilot onto the next video. And next came an excerpt from The Pursuit of Happyness  starring Will Smith.

When at first glance these videos may have something in common - they actually cannot be any more different. One is about the power of an idea, the kind of dough humanity keeps for great holidays. And the other is the fight for the nickel, the daily grind. In the daily grind the pursuit of the stockbroker, the street sweeper are the same, the head is down and the clock is ticking.


And here is another take on pursuit, the relentless pursuit of a goal, brought to you by Arnold: