Rome is not exciting the way Las Vegas is exciting / by mirena

As part of my some kind of series I am creating short videos using photographs I shot. They sound and look like the mood of the moment I took the photograph. Going to Rome was one of the most exciting experiences in my life ( okay, it was the marble. i have been to more exciting places, i assure you the East Village can give you a heart-attack-full-of- exciting if you are looking for it ). Rome is not exciting the way Las Vegas is exciting ( btw - i do not like Vegas at all! - went there to see what was all the fuss about and hightailed outathere. It would take wild horses and a fistfight to ever drag me back there again ). I went to Rome on Christmas and after spending Christmas eve waiting for the Pope to come out and give us a blessing, after spending the whole night in front of St Peter's, walking across the dark city, all the way from St Peters to my hotel.. I slept through all of Christmas day and woke up in the evening to find out Rome was completely empty. There was nobody outside. Everyone was either at home, out of town or held up in their hotel room waiting for a dry morning.

There was nobody on the streets of Rome, it was raining, little bit, on and off. I went to see the Colosseum. It was the most serene and peaceful place to be. With the Colosseum raising out of the darkness with its 2000 years of existence. Colored in yellow and blue. I would end up not visiting it during the day.