The Abramovic Method Games / by mirena

As a founder of MAI I got an early access to a series of simple exercises called The Abramovic Method Games.  Here are some screenshots of the Zen like games. The Artist is Present game - you can play the game on Pippin Barr's website here:the-artist-is-present-game-screen-marina-abramovich

the-artist-is-present-game-marina-abramovichComplaining to a Tree is my favorite game. There is a story I remember that involves a tree, the story gets pretty Balkan as Marina Abramovich is a Serbian, I am a Bulgarian and my late grandfather, who gets involved in the tree story, is a Macedonian.  My friends and I were visiting my grandfather at his house on the Black Sea - it was my birthday and I fell really sick with fever. My grandfather immediately said we ought to find an oak tree to hug for me to get better. We, the whole gang, got into a car and drove off to go find an oak tree.

Obzor, where my grandfather lived, sits where the Balkan Mountains dip into the Black Sea. The area is covered in woods and we drove up and down the road  looking for a good-sized oak tree grove.

We found the trees, we all hugged one and I got better. The point is, from my personal experience, complaining to  a tree helps. If you get a chance - you should do it too. (I assume no liability in case you take my advice and instead of going to the doctor- you go looking for a tree. I remember Tree Hugging was big in California when I used to live there but have no time to google the context. It seems the Tree Embrace is not a very Balkan idea after all).

You can Complain to a Tree here:complaining-to-a-tree-mai-gamecomplaining-to-a-tree-mai-game-screenshot2complaining-to-a-tree-mai-game-screenshot


Counting Rice and Sesame - play the game in your browser here: