Global warming is a result of our cold hearts / by Mirena Rhee

We value the lives of unfortunate humans less than cut-up crystals and dug up and smelted earth, and sacks with straps.

What is a human progress without addressing our human needs - education for the underprivileged and poor kids and living conditions for the homeless.

Global warming is a result of our cold hearts, which now crave even more planets.

We shelter and feed our felons but look down and label the underprivileged because we like to feel superior.

Couple of years ago I volunteered for the mayor of New York’s campaign and the amount of well educated and well dressed and well meaning humans that despised the “homeless” was incredible. It broke my heart into thousand pieces. Because we only just barely got out of the caves, 30,000 years ago we were shivering under the light of fires in caves and it took a few tall buildings to forget all of our humanity.

What good is going to Mars if we are slaves to our greed and inhumanity and treat each other like beasts.

To fix it we need to fix ourselves first.