San Francisco is still in my heart / by Mirena Rhee

Have been thinking of the Bay Area a lot lately. I lived on 3535 Fillmore and used to run to the foot of the bridge and back every evening. On the weekends i took a kayak across the bay but it had to be a double because of the strong currents. We sailed the Pacific out of Half Moon Bay - we paddled our kayaks south in search of whales migrating north. We carried tarp sails - basically a trapezoid cloth with two sticks - which once in the Pacific we strapped to our backs and sailed our kayaks through large swell and kelp forests. Paddle free i could run my fingers through the water and touch the tops of the kelp trees.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate – up close and personal. I used to live near the bridge and every time I went underneath it, no matter how many hundreds of times I’d done it, I’d stop to look at it. It is a very Chameleonic bridge and if you wait long enough it would cycle through all the colors of the rainbow.