An Art Gallery in the air - Sochi Olympics Ceremony sets inspired by Bauhaus, Russian Constructivism and Agitprop imagery and typography / by mirena

Wassily Kandinsky in his "Concerning the Spiritual in Art" devoted two chapters to the symbolic meaning of the triangle and its tri-dimensional counterpart, the pyramid - II. THE MOVEMENT OF THE TRIANGLE and  IV. THE PYRAMID. Kandinsky was also the first chairman of the Russian Constructivism movement which inspired the geometric vision for the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony yesterday. It was spiritually and typographically resting on the Russian Constructivists and Agitprop designs of the 1920’s. Here are several images from the Opening Ceremony sets:

Russian Constructivists artwork that inspired the above sets - the Avant Garde movement in art and architecture in the 1920s. An El Lissitzky's composition:

Iakov Chernikhov and his compositions that pre-visioned computer graphics by a century:

Vladimir Tatlin's Tower:

Agitprop posters and typography:

Bauhaus poster:

Turksib (1929) Poster:

Sochi Olympics Ceremony costumes:

In comparison,  Avant Garde, Bauhaus inspired ballet costume designs by Anatol Petrytzky circa 1920s: