Loft and Found / by mirena

They say in New York, you learn something new every day.

Recently I had to move some of my things across town. Once The taxi driver saw my luggage he refused to take me. With all my things on the sidewalk I had to beg. And he grumbled. I kept loading my things - and we got going... and once we reached a really bad neighborhood, the car broke and stopped. We were in the midst of a sea of cars swerving left and right around us. There was a moment of silence and something in me told me that the Driver and I were there to learn a lesson.

The taxi driver was in sheer panic. Then, amidst all the traffic, a person from the streets approached us. After a conversation I could not hear The Driver took out some dollar bills, handed them to the stranger and the stranger disappeared from sight. We knew we may never see the bills or the guy again, and waited. In a few tense moments the stranger appeared, crossed the sea of cars towards us holding a tube of car oil. The oil went in the car, the car started, we thanked the stranger and he smiled from ear to ear, his face transformed in a bliss of goodness.

Well, all this is not news in New York. The matter was that after this incident the Driver's attitude turned 180 degrees, he became the nicest person, talked to me about doing good things to others and ultimately helped me with my luggage once we got home, made sure I was ok and safe. And I remember he told me: "In New York, you learn something new every day". I think Driver, Stranger and I all learned a lesson that day.