Xquisite Corpse Statement

I took the term Xquisite Corpse quite literally. With Corpse meaning “body”, as in physical structure, with the root of the word going back to Latin corpus “body".

This work is about the body, the body as a landscape, and whatever surrounds the body, 

the reality that surrounds the body, also as a landscape. As the body swims through reality it makes wakes and it changes it in someway.

This is not about the passive body, it’s about the ego that makes its way and just like the airplane pushes down the air in order to fly, the body moves through reality by repelling it and compressing it.  

Unlike the new agey assumptions I don't see the body as part of the universe in that holistic sense. I see the body as quite of a disruptive force I see it as an agent rather alien agent.

I have been solving some problems, some artistic problems, like what are the things that surround the body, what are they made of, what is their structure.

The body contorts and displaces what surrounds it and creates wakes and in that way it reinforces reality, it makes the background around it visible.

XQUISITE CORPSE invades public and personal space with the materials and processes traditionally reserved for the artist, the studio and the gallery.


XQUISITE CORPSE is a radical take on the original game invented by the Surrealists in the 1930's Paris.

How is XQUISITE CORPSE radical? 

Anyone that steps into XQUISITE CORPSE plays their own script, becomes the artist, the model, the canvas, the audience and the star of their own creation.


XQUISITE CORPSE features Art by You.

 Anyone could be part of XQUISITE CORPSE and any medium is allowed.

XQUISITE CORPSE is a spontaneous assemblage. Imagine a Fun Factory without the factory, a Happening without a script, a Work of Art without borders.