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Minds over Matter, Wits over Bums by mirena

We are products of our desires, or what Joseph Campbell calls the

" the zeal of the organs for each other"

I was lucky enough to spend 10 years in the San Francisco Bay Area and consider it one of the most progressive areas in the world today.  It is absolutely no coincidence that apple, google were formed there.

Our identity, and sexual identity in particular, is central to our being and how we operate in the world. We embark on many quests and gender is one such a quest.

But it should remain a personal pursuit and should not be a corporation's or our government's business who we go to bed with.

If a corporation  or the government requires you to specify your gender identity this is the vulgar equivalent of it pulling your pants down to check on the shape and form of your genitalia.

Happy New Year from my fire escape - a beautiful day in New York, open and sunny skies - much sun to you tooo!!!!! by mirena

Happy New Year, drinking my first coffee of the year on my fire escape, barefoot ! #happynewyear #happynewyear2019 #firstdayoftheyear #sun

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A pick me up - flying penguins, normal penguins, and George Carlin by mirena

Blue Planet 2, the out of this world documentary voiced by our favorite David Attenborough... which is surprisingly a show about our own world, can be had for ten bucks on youtube and honestly this is the best thing since they discovered that penguins can fly: .


Blue Planet can be watched here:





Penguins can’t fly. But they can get airborne. The secret technique that penguins use involves wrapping their bodies in a cloak of air bubbles – and it turns out to be the same technique that engineers use to speed the movement of ships and torpedoes through water from r/Awwducational

and george - I am usually wary when anyone is negative of America but you know what - sometimes a laugh is worth it.

I believe one day violence will be obsolete, and will be forgotten by mirena

I know in my heart that one day we will be among the stars, just the way we witness all the incredible miracles at the palms of our hands today and think, boy, how did Plato manage without a phone. Just kidding - he did just fine, it is not about the technology, it is about the people. I believe that violence takes so much of our focus and energy as species, it is almost like we carry a heavy sack of tumors on our backs. We spend so much time and resources on things like security, prisons, guns, fences, locks, .. and so little on building ourselves a better future.

It will take a set of very determined people to change everyone's mind, just like it took a lot to change our minds on all kinds of things like slavery, women's rights, gay rights, basic freedoms, democracy. It will not take a state but a person or several that will not stop until it is changed, I do not know if these people were born yet but it is coming. It will take for a strong person to say "enough" and turn humanity around.

I believe one day we will use the freed resources to spread among the stars, to travel further into unknown galaxies, to venture into black holes, to cross unfathomable distances and push unthinkable boundaries. It will be so much fun I think, and I have a good time contemplating that future - it will be so much fun to be among the stars with incredible machines and inventions that will keep us safe and traveling into far horizons,  zipping among gas clouds and super novas, and swirling down wormholes into unexplored neighborhoods.

We will deserve this future once we outgrow our basic natures, once the enlightened politicians are born, once humanity realizes it is simply too costly to be violent.

Giant Hands in Beacon - the frivolity of weighting little by mirena

Often when we try to achieve visual quality - like in the case of the giant hands - color and strong presence - we lose the frivolity of having the art object simply be. Sometimes art objects need to be left alone to simply be otherwise just like people - they gain weight, become less frivolous and less dynamic. The life goes out a little. I loved being in this place, in the company of bushes, crickets, birds, wind, greenery, ruins, graffiti, and random humans.