Memory Replacement x200 is a light against the darkness machine

Memory Replacement x200 will bring the light to dark places. It is a stand against the war machine, the gun machine and the hand bags machines which detract us from developing a great civilization. It is the stand against the useless possessions and souls draining activities machine. It will be an inoculation against the it took a few tall buildings to forget all of our humanity machine.

Memory Replacement x200 is the weapon against the war machine, the hand bag machine, the couch machine, the gender machine, the ethnic background machine, against the stereotypes and stereotypers machine , against the all kinds of weapons machine, against the soulless machine. Against the greeed and I could never have enough machine.

Memory Replacement x200 draws on pervious collaborations with the general public in New York city. 200 people dressed in canvas wearables will fan out from the World Trade Center Memorial site into the Five Boroughs of New York City and beyond and will replicate, in different locations in New York and nearby towns, the World Trade center performance.

Imagine an art blast originating at the World Trade Center Memorial Site but instead of destruction it will create beauty and creativity in its path as it spreads out into the boroughs. Where there was dust and gray there will be color and light, where there was crying and sorrow there will be laughter and joy. I call the wearables Sails but also Wings because they will carry this one message:

We draw brushes and our holsters hold paints. We don't want to be replaced but we want to be changed. The soft touch of a wing, The light touch of a brush and a light stroke. The word of a friend, the whisper of a soft fold on a wing. A nod to a future with beauty, a reflection on color and gesture of goodness and friendship. A soft stand against violence. 

Memory Replacement x200 is an installation and performance with public participation which I have decided to fund privately for the necessary $200,000.

Memory Replacement Masterplan

I am currently finalizing the idea and the budget and will start my kickstarter campaign soon, I recently arrived at the 200,000 figure and realized that it will not be true to my vision to make it with any less. This project deserves the best shot.

Sketches for Memory Replacement:

Inspiration sketches for Memory Replacement World Trade Center I created in Tilt Brush: