About Projects

Projects is a collection of current, past and future work, it is also about what inspires me and informs my process. I work on many different projects at one time and my work is just like a river coming down the mountain where it may spread out into different streams but can also coalesce into a massive flow. I also like to think a lot and contemplate sights and sounds from past and present. This is a place where I return to get a quick visual shot of various projects that may produce future work.

I have had to move quite a bit for work and other reasons and so being on the move has allowed me to really encounter many many situations and to be able to communicate and work with many different people form all walks of life, ages, professions and that really helped me to do performance work with the general public with ease. Coming soon to projects is a collection of my moving photographs and videos where I shlep various things, mostly art, across sometimes thousands of miles on planes and cars and trucks and vans and moving pods. I am often in awe with my own ability to sustain almost a nomadic existence.

Another major part is photography, I used to like photography a lot because I have a very bad memory so I would take pictures and use voice recording to record my thoughts and record the visuals of my other experiences. I have a giant collection of photography of art, as well as people, costumes and cityscapes, color, patterns.