Rough cut: The making of Open States

The making of a drawing dealing with the disaster in Japan in March 2011. I called the drawing Open States and it is about my visions of destruction and opened up tectonic plates. The drawing was prompted by my dream about an earthquake, a dream I had about 48 hours before the earthquake in Japan struck.


Hand Painted oceand and fruit - animated collage of pen and ink drawings

Intent sometimes takes years to grow - you have a vision in your head but it may take years for it to become optically evident. In the commercial world intent is focused on a product but in art, luckily, intent grows together with the artist realizing that intent. There is a flow to this process, an easy state.

This is a piece about a queue of vague thoughts, gestures, earlier work and some paintings at the Rubin museum of art in New York. It is also about conversations and acts of confession from other artists. Whenever I draw or work on my computer I mostly watch hands theater, it is an endless act of creation and an act of war.

The drawings in the video are earlier versions and a work in progres. It took about 10 years from the initial idea to the making of the last piece.



Drawing the line


Working line by line is a meditative process. Every line grows the work and the artist a little. The next line drawn is not always the most perfect but, cumulatively, the craftsmanship develops and the connection with the work increases.

These are the tools I use to work on all of my drawings - a simple dip pen, ink and paper.



Preparing oil canvases


I stretch my own canvas, size it with rabbit skin glue and then prime it with several thin coats of lead oil ground.