This is a place to address a bit more emotionally charged stuff as working, whether art or welding, is just committing to a craft or trade for some reasons. My personal reasons are fine-tuning ideas. I am grateful for the fact that my commercial work allowed me to fine-tune certain abilities that eventually led to ideas.

I am very familiar with depiction, I have been dissecting depiction of reality as a photographer and a 3d artist, that is, slicing reality down to its meaningful components and then building it back up to conform to a visual agenda. Depiction is no longer my destination, although it serves a very good purpose as a vessel holding an idea.

I have studied all the old masters and made a point to see their works in person to get better acquainted with depiction, with materials and techniques that produce reliable visual result. To produce unreliable visual result is what interest me and it is the combination of ideas,  techniques and materials that produces a disturbance, not one or the other.

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