Art Mart Manifesto

I spent days in New York looking at almost all art fairs, including The Armory, Volta, Red Dot, The Independent on 22nd street, as well as Pulse and the Art Dealers on 5th ave. Also went for the Skin Fruit show at the New Museum, The Whitney Biennale ( stunning works on paper ), MOMA – where William Kentridge had a show I have seen and completely overpowers me every time, and where Abramovich had her pre-miere. Also went to be delighted in the works on paper at  the Museum of Art and Design. Just counting the number of galleries at the fairs, I saw about 350-400 galleries represented and that was just the most intense experience and very solid exchange of molecules.

As a student of art I am very interested in process. I believe the process drives the outcome of a piece and allows the artist to bring a lot of power to the surface. Seeing Picasso’s experiments, trials and errors to reach the final Guernica taught me a lot about process. In fact, I spent far more time looking at Picasso’s sketches and thrown away work rather than Guernica itself. Process could be many things – studying Goya’s black paintings at the Prado and studying their history allowed me to see the broader reach of process, where it also includes intent, and anguish. In the black paintings Goya used printers ink and I recognized that a solid enough process allows the artist to introduce and control seemingly “random” experiments. Just like in Martial Arts, once you have done your poomse about 10,000 times you feel confident leaping around a bamboo forest.

I also used to worry about the viability of paper as a medium but after seeing Bronzino’s drawings at the Met I absolutely recognized the fact that the fragility of the paper in no way diminished the power of the line. The work was so moving and the rooms so crowded with breathtaking works that I never had that doubt again.

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Most beautiful thing

Most beautiful thing happened to me at the Met – I went looking for “the Nose” ticket from the scalpers and in the confusion got… a standing room ticket… for La Boheme. Sometimes greed and unfavorable circumstances guard the doors to most wonderful places.

Seeing opera, like art, moves me beyond the obvious, profane and the mundane and, of course, the most beautiful things happened while I wasn’t looking. I got to meet absolutely delightful couple art collectors from Denmark and My standing room neighbors were ardent opera fans – There was the orthopedic surgeon exchange student from Tokyo, an ardent opera lover, and on right was an IT guy from HBO.

After first act we were standing around chatting about what we thought we liked so far when a really nice couple handed us their tickets on the way out.. leaving early. My Tokyo friend and I were grateful to the really nice people and got to see the rest of La Boheme first class ! La Boheme was the most moving music and singing I heard this year so far – it inspired me beyond the visual and the sensual. The soprano was world class and Rodolfo was great too. But most of all, I got too see the power of high class art to turn a “light” story into a grand excursion of the imagination and emotion.

Before.. and after:)

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Exquisite Corpse

Black and sepia Ink Drawing on Hot Pressed Board, 30×40 inches. The Corpse gave me a chance to collaborate with a group of awesome artists and also address the subject of the body. I have dealt with the body a lot as a photographer and this was a very different experience. To me the question of what happens to the body and what is the body is as important as what is outside of it, part of the reason i dislike ruffled backgrounds is because the substance of what is around the thing is as important and material as the thing. I am also very interested in the contact – how is the body situated in what surrounds it, since it’s essentially the same matter, it’s just a trick that it’s invisible to the naked eye.
Location: Part of a Absurdas Exquisite Corpse collaboration

Black and sepia Ink on Hot Pressed Board, 30x40 inches: Part of a Absurdas Exquisite Corpse collaboration
Exquisite Corpse detail
Hand Detail
Hand Detail
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